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Bus Date
May 4, 2008, 9:41 pm
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We’ve been talking about taking the bus downtown since we moved into this house…and this weekend, we finally did it.

It’s not that I’m averse to public transportation; in fact, I really like taking public transit when I’m traveling in other cities. I just don’t at home. Until now.

Bus people are an interesting crowd, especially on a Saturday when your regular work-week commuters are absent. We encountered the Trippy Angster, who flailed his arms about and talked a LOT to invisible friends. He looked about twenty and wreaked of angst…hence the name.

Then there was the Rebel Trio…two got on at one stop, including a girl with a tiny little puppy…and one got on at the next stop. They talked about the wild party from the previous night where one of the guys hooked up with a girl whose name he couldn’t remember, and then they left…leaving behind a red Sharpie marker. What do you do on a bus with a red Sharpie marker, I wonder?

Once at our destination, we made a bee-line for the Mrs. Baird’s Bread Stage where our favorite Latin band was playing–Grupo Fantasma. We caught the end of The Lemurs as Pancho hit up the taco stand for carne guisada tacos and I cleaned out Kebabalicious and boy, it was.

Pancho and I got our groove on and swayed the night away…and then we joined the night bus people on the adventure home.


The Beagle Brigade
May 3, 2008, 9:13 pm
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Jackson Browne…Jack Attack…Pooty McStinker…Poots…Jackolantern…they all call up the same crazy dog that we adopted last year: Jack the Beagle.

During our adventure at Eeyore’s Birthday last weekend (where Jack saw his first horses and a macaw–all at the same time…and learned the joys of baying to the beats in the drum circles), we met a lady who organizes the Austin Beagle Brigade. I imagined chaos with loud, howling beagle dogs running around like my Jack…clearly, I had to see this in person.

Jack loves to ride in the car. He thinks anyplace the car takes you is the park. Sometimes, the parks are pretty bad (like when we go to the post office, or our old duplex that we’re renovating). And sometimes, they are awesome (like Red Bud or Auditorium Shores or Onion Creek). Regardless, a trip in the car is exciting for Jack.

First, there’s the joy inside the house as he sees that we’re not going to work. Then, there’s the race to get to the car first. He can’t bear to think that Townes might get his window seat. Pancho and I always carry earplugs for the ride…poor Townes smiles and hopes we get there quickly. So much anticipation and excitement for our little Jack, and then…he doesn’t even play with the other beagles. He doesn’t like being separated from Townes.
It turns our our guy was the loudest in the group, and he eventually took on one good chase with the beagles, running all over the park baying at the group. When he wasn’t baying, he was climbing in the laps of onlookers…he thinks he’s a small lap dog even though he’s 50 pounds.

Our Jack…you gotta love him.

I Do: The Bridal Portraits

I never thought I’d be the kind of bride to take bridal portraits. So formal and stuffy and weird…like a glamour shot in a wedding dress that captures you so full of hope and anticipation of your big day. I may vomit just thinking about it.

We postponed these a few times because I somehow picked the rainiest days of the year to try for my bridal glamour shots…and we finally got them done two days before the wedding. Like I said in my earlier post–we waited until the very last minute for just about everything. And just like everything else, this turned into a great adventure for all.

Fifteen minutes before we’re supposed to meet the photographer, my mom calls to say she has to make an emergency visit to the pharmacy. Not sure what that means, since she was completely fine one hour before when she left to check into the hotel. No stress.

Mom eventually shows up and gets into the Ford F350 with Pancho’s mom to drive to the Broken Spoke. If you’ve ever seen a Ford F350, you know that there couldn’t possibly be a larger truck on the road than this behemoth. Pancho’s parents drive it when they pull their fifth-wheel trailer on their travels. And we’re driving on the narrow city streets during rush hour traffic, making as many left turns as possible. Fun times.

I hop in the car with my friend the dress designer (we’ll call her Fairy Godmother) to head to the Broken Spoke for our first location shoot with the photographer and realize as we pull into the parking lot that I’ve left my nose ring at home. Well, that’s what moms are for…right?

I send the moms up the street to the nearest body piercing shop with instructions on what jewelry to buy; they look at me in disbelief and turn the behemoth back onto the streets to complete their mission. We’re talking about two grandmas in their 60s whose total body piercing experience has probably been at Claire’s in the mall. I’m not sure how this will turn out, but I’m desperate.

Fairy Godmother and I wander to the dance hall in the Spoke, where Dale Watson and his band have already set up for their show that night. I love Dale. We shoot for a while and the moms arrive with the nose ring; with that mission accomplished they go to work as sentries to tell us if anyone heads our way while we photograph on the stage where we ought not be. Poor moms…so many new, unexpected experiences all within the first hour.

We do the stage, the Wurlitzer, the God Bless America sign, the Lone Star bus…the one where my veil is blowing in the wind along the side of the bus is the shot we used for the 16×20 mega-portrait at the reception. So much for the stuffy glamour shot, right?

At this point, Sharona arrives fresh from the airport and Fairy Godmother takes off…and the group piles back into cars to head to the Texas Capitol.

It turns out the Capitol isn’t as perfect a fit for me as the Spoke was…shocking, I know. We got a few great shots outside on the lawn…Mary (the photographer) climbed up a ladder to photograph me through the tree branches and got several great shots straight down my cleavage. Boog loves those. We did get one fantastic shot with a branch covering the scandalous spot…I really like that one.

At the end of it all, here’s what I have to say about this experience:

1) Hire Mary Sledd to take photos. She is awesome and her work is incredible.
2) Thank you Broken Spoke and Dale Watson for providing an awesome backdrop for my photos.
3) If you’re a bride, get the portraits done. Just be creative and make them reflect who you are.