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Mau Mau and the Missing Tree
August 8, 2008, 11:03 pm
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Today’s word of the day was “mau-mau” which means to intimidate by hostile confrontation or threats. I feel like I’ve been mau-maued today.

This morning, Pancho left for work about 20 minutes ahead of me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When I walked out on my way to work, there was a strange orange zippy car parked in front of the house. Inside my head, I noted how rude the neighbors were.

As I turned the corner toward the driveway, I noticed my husband’s car still parked next to mine. Strange since he’d left quite a while back.

As I walked past his car, I noticed his briefcase on the ground next to the rear tire. Hmm.Things were not looking good.

I called his cell to see what was going on; I heard it ringing nearby and panicked. My husband had been kidnapped!

And then he answered. From the backyard. Where he was standing with the city arborist who owned the orange zippy car.

They were discussing the imminent removal of my dear old red oak tree. Conspirators.

If I hadn’t caught them scheming in the backyard, I would have come home to a giant hole in my skyline where my glorious old red oak tree sheltered countless birds and squirrels. A girl needs some warning about these things!

The red oak died of oak wilt within the last year, so I knew the day was coming. We were holding out to allow the baby squirrels and birds to leave it. I suppose that time has come.

I will miss the red headed woodpecker that dines on the red oak’s insect inhabitants every morning. And the expansive canopy of branches, even though it’s final leaves fell last fall.

Farewell, my lovely tree.

(If you look carefully, you’ll see the woodpecker on the middle trunk of the tree next to a knot where he likes to feast.)


Hellboy II

Advance screening at the Alamo Drafthouse…AWESOME.

Bus Date
May 4, 2008, 9:41 pm
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We’ve been talking about taking the bus downtown since we moved into this house…and this weekend, we finally did it.

It’s not that I’m averse to public transportation; in fact, I really like taking public transit when I’m traveling in other cities. I just don’t at home. Until now.

Bus people are an interesting crowd, especially on a Saturday when your regular work-week commuters are absent. We encountered the Trippy Angster, who flailed his arms about and talked a LOT to invisible friends. He looked about twenty and wreaked of angst…hence the name.

Then there was the Rebel Trio…two got on at one stop, including a girl with a tiny little puppy…and one got on at the next stop. They talked about the wild party from the previous night where one of the guys hooked up with a girl whose name he couldn’t remember, and then they left…leaving behind a red Sharpie marker. What do you do on a bus with a red Sharpie marker, I wonder?

Once at our destination, we made a bee-line for the Mrs. Baird’s Bread Stage where our favorite Latin band was playing–Grupo Fantasma. We caught the end of The Lemurs as Pancho hit up the taco stand for carne guisada tacos and I cleaned out Kebabalicious and boy, it was.

Pancho and I got our groove on and swayed the night away…and then we joined the night bus people on the adventure home.

The Beagle Brigade
May 3, 2008, 9:13 pm
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Jackson Browne…Jack Attack…Pooty McStinker…Poots…Jackolantern…they all call up the same crazy dog that we adopted last year: Jack the Beagle.

During our adventure at Eeyore’s Birthday last weekend (where Jack saw his first horses and a macaw–all at the same time…and learned the joys of baying to the beats in the drum circles), we met a lady who organizes the Austin Beagle Brigade. I imagined chaos with loud, howling beagle dogs running around like my Jack…clearly, I had to see this in person.

Jack loves to ride in the car. He thinks anyplace the car takes you is the park. Sometimes, the parks are pretty bad (like when we go to the post office, or our old duplex that we’re renovating). And sometimes, they are awesome (like Red Bud or Auditorium Shores or Onion Creek). Regardless, a trip in the car is exciting for Jack.

First, there’s the joy inside the house as he sees that we’re not going to work. Then, there’s the race to get to the car first. He can’t bear to think that Townes might get his window seat. Pancho and I always carry earplugs for the ride…poor Townes smiles and hopes we get there quickly. So much anticipation and excitement for our little Jack, and then…he doesn’t even play with the other beagles. He doesn’t like being separated from Townes.
It turns our our guy was the loudest in the group, and he eventually took on one good chase with the beagles, running all over the park baying at the group. When he wasn’t baying, he was climbing in the laps of onlookers…he thinks he’s a small lap dog even though he’s 50 pounds.

Our Jack…you gotta love him.

I Do
March 22, 2008, 8:51 pm
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It’s been a while since I’ve truly blogged…three years. It’s been a busy time.

After the night with Sharona and The Scabs, I spent New Year’s Eve with Pancho…whom I met at my birthday happy hour earlier that month. That was NYE 2005…and here we are in 2008. Since then, I’ve:

  • fallen in love Pancho
  • traveled to Thailand, Australia, Singapore, India, China, South Africa
  • moved in with Pancho and blended a family of five cats and a dog in a two bedroom duplex on the creek
  • lost two cats who wandered off in the night
  • got engaged and bought a house
  • adopted a wayward Beagle
  • found one of the wandering cats
  • got married
  • lost the found wandering cat

And here we are.

The wedding was all they promise it to be–it was the time of our lives and we really enjoyed every minute of it. The mad dash in the last month to design, print, and mail invitations…design and make the dress…pick out the menu…hire the band…plan the ceremony…write the vows…plan the honeymoon…basically do everything except book the venue and the photographer (which we did 9 months before).

I work well under pressure, I suppose.

Another day, another blog, I’ll post some pictures and share some stories. In all honesty, it was magical and beautiful and sentimental. Far too sappy for one of my blogs.

February 5, 2008, 3:33 pm
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Finally, we’re getting our act together and planning this wedding…I haven’t managed to get invitations done yet, but I did get the tattoo! The art is gorgeous thanks to the very talented Annie Mess at Resurrection Tattoo–she created something so beautifully delicate and colorful and I absolutely love it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been busted with my arm down the back of my shirt, scratching at the flaky healing skin without realizing I was doing it…nice.

End of the Road 2004
December 31, 2004, 7:04 am
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Looking back at 2004, I realize that it wasn’t such a bad year for me after all. I always tell people that nothing exciting is going on in my life, but I had some good times this year.

Over the summer, I started to get back to the singing (just a little, though) and recorded a demo for my friend, One, who is trying to sell a song she just wrote. It turned out really nice…we’ll see what happens.

I also filmed a commercial for Wal-Mart with my friend ‘Oh.’ It’s already played nationwide, and has been spotted during the Alias premiere, Good Morning America, the Today Show, and Oprah! Tune in to Good Morning America on 1/20 to see it, or maybe you’ll catch one of the other placements in January and February.

Vacations were close to home this year, with a fabulous week in Mexico and short weekend getaways to San Francisco (to visit Kleep-Ton), Los Angeles (to visit Sharona), and a birthday trip to Vegas (including a stay at the Bellagio!). Plus, Elvis and I both made the trek up I-35 to Dallas for Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family (not that I really count that as a vacation due to the stress). I think I’ve been out of town about half of the weekends of every month since October…

As far as work goes, things have really picked up at the end of the year. I’ve taken a new position at my company that has me traveling to several exotic destinations to meet with our marketing teams across the globe. In December, I spent 2 days in Beijing and was able to take a little stroll through Tian’Anmen Square and the first few gates of the Forbidden City. [While it sounds a little glamorous, it’s actually exhausting work…spend two days on a plane to get there and then spend 1-2 days working for 16 hours at a time while trying to remain sharp and focused. By the time you start to acclimate to the new time zone, you’re on a plane headed home to be jet-lagged for two weeks. But I love it.]

New Year’s Eve itself was enjoyable, but we felt as stressed out about attending all of the friend parties as we did the family holiday meals. Next year, we’re heading out of town for a real vacation!
New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Elvis: Learn to play guitar.
  • Me: Meditate once a day, and learn one Tarot card per week.
  • Together: Spend more time with couple friends and less time in front of the TV.