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January 18, 2008, 7:34 am
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I should be napping right now, and I’m sure I’ll regret not doing so later, but I wanted to get my thoughts down before I forget… The brain’s a bit fuzzy these days – I suppose that’s the ‘disorientation’ they refer to in the jet lag literature.

I’m enjoying Bangalore so much more than Mumbai. It’s much cleaner here (both on the ground and in the air), and lacks the shanty towns throughout the city that we experienced in Mumbai. The weather is slightly cooler, so the humidity doesn’t get to you as much. There are a lot more cows roaming the streets here (where I saw more goats wandering in Mumbai).

The domestic airport was an interesting experience. I checked in after Oh (from the Wal-Mart commercial) and somehow I managed to get confirmed on the plane and she didn’t. Then, we thought they told us to go to the lounge on the other side of security (which was a mistake), and Oh got into all sorts of trouble with the army lady at the security checkpoint for even attempting to get through without a boarding pass. Immediately after she left the line to head back to the ticketing counter, they paged Oh’s name over the loudspeaker for a last call to get on the flight. We thought we were going to leave her behind…without any of her stuff.

It all worked out and we arrived safely (but hungry) and we began our day of meetings at the local office for our company…where it turns out that I may be assigned as the liaison to this region (meaning I will be doing this all again in a few months). More malaria pills…more Jungle Juice in my skin…more Cipro for when I eat something that decides to eat me… But the scary part was that something inside of me jumped with glee when I heard that. This, after the heat and the humidity and the dust and the smells. What am I thinking?

Tomorrow the real adventure begins…as Oh and I strike out on our own to a much smaller city in India. We’ve been trying to follow the rules from the travel clinic – shower with your eyes and mouth tightly shut so no germy water gets in…don’t eat anything that you don’t recognize or that’s not piping hot. But the reality is that you do get water in your eyes and mouth when you shower…and you really can’t recognize most things on your plate. I think I’m a little scared about the state my body will be in this time tomorrow. Eek!


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